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My research is somewhere in the region of Algebra, Computer Science, Geometry and Theoretical Physics. One connecting interest is mathematical physics, but my approach to the subject is more related to pure mathematics. I am a generalist rather than a specialist, and frequently end up learning things as I go along. Here are some of my current interests:

Research interests - noncommutative geometry
Research interests - geometry and integrable systems
Research interests - computer science

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The tragic story of Avery, the West Point cat.

Their buttons had all been polished 

and their uniforms had been freshly pressed, 

Avery's team could out-mouse the navy anytime.

Such a cat unflappable had never been seen 

since Min the Mog played opposite James Dean. 

Cadet Avery, the West Point cat.

One night by the Hudson the alarm went out, 

there's vermin in the commander's house! 

Avery mobilized his platoon without delay.

They routed the rats and massacred the mice
and victory complete was wrought in a trice. 

Lieutenant Avery, the West Point cat.

The flags flew and the bugles bugled 

when the president came to see around. 

Avery's platoon is on guard in the kitchen 

for some bandit's been stealing the presidential milk

and eating the meat and shredding the silk.

Colonel Avery, the West Point cat.

Past midnight the door creaked wider 

and the squad pounced on the intruder. 

Avery escorted the prisoner to the court martial. 

Said general to Avery `you have mistaken the thief, 

for that is the cat of the commander in chief'. 

Dishonorably discharged Avery, the West Point cat. 


Avery is currently in retirement at an undisclosed location in New England.

Great Auk memorial

The Great Auk Memorial, Papa Westray, Orkney

Every extinct species should have a memorial,
it might remind mankind to be more careful in future.

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